“Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.”

— Wendell Berry

Over the past couple of years, the world of psychedelics has been piquing my interest. First, because of the stigma. They’ve gotten a bad wrap for decades, and like most stigmatized things, there’s more to the story. Their reputation as a wonder drug that makes you go crazy while damaging your chromosomes and lowering your IQ is, for the most part, fabricated. They definitely have an interesting history and it’s worth looking into.

Secondly, I am interested in the , old and new, that has been showing…

You’ve heard the saying, perhaps about an ex-lover, or maybe someone from the opposing political party: Avoid them like the plague.

There have been many plagues. Of course, the origin of the name, a pandemic that killed one third of Europe’s human population starting in 1347. There are plagues of disease, of bad ideas, of ridiculous internet trends (I’m looking at you Tide Pods), of misinformation, the list goes on.

A plague infiltrate the life of its hosts. It sweeps in silently, and before you know it, it’s effected everything. It effects everything from how they go to the bathroom…

Within every man there’s a boy who knows what it means to fight. How your own standing with the whole world depends on whether or not you punch Tyler is the face harder than he punches you in the face. The eternal dignity of your girlfriend, Brandi, whom Tyler called a bitch, relies on you kicking Tyler’s ass. How else will she ever have any if you don’t stand up for her?

God knows no one else is standing up for her. No one stood up for her when her father’s best friend had sex with her behind the decrepit…

The track was laid down in the teens. Nineteen-sixteen, -seventeen maybe, I don’t know. Papa Davey said he was glad when they took it up in the sixties though.

“Sumbitch would rattle pictures off the wall and wake us up at night,” he’d say. He was a grumpy old bastard, but we loved him, God rest his soul.

Anyway, it was used to carry raw cotton from Abbeville county up to the textile mills in Anderson and Greenville counties. When Abbeville stopped making cotton, they didn’t use the rails no more, so they took ’em up. Legend has it that…

How the phrase was coined — short story

Vincent had never fired a gun before, but he was excited to. He stared down in through the glass like a child in the pastry shop stares at chocolate éclairs and apple strudels. Only Vincent was in a gun shop and he was looking at handguns. Colt revolvers and Colt 1911’s. Smith & Wesson semi-automatics and Walther P22’s.

The only trouble is he knew nothing about guns. His parents never had guns around while he was growing up in Arlington. They were among the first generation of hippies.

Whether in earnest or not, they fit all the tropes. His mother…

One gray morning, on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Benjamin LaStrange was sweeping the wood-planked floor in the horse barn. There had been a barn dance the night before and there was wood shavings from the sawmill scattered to catch the spilled beer and tobacco spit. It also made for nice dancing.

It was a cold morning, colder than normal for this time of year. They had gotten about three inches of snow last night, which would turn to slush in the afternoon heat, if the sun would come out. The air was crisp and the…

I can’t tell you the first time I saw a cowboy on tv. But I do know that from that moment on, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with him and his kind.

Cowboys, mountain men, trappers; pioneers. They all have a special place in my heart and a special place in the history of mankind.

How it Started

The life of the cowboy piqued the dreamer within me with his lonesome freedom, proximity to the land, and his lack of everything but the essentials. The sun beat on him during the day and the stars kept him company at night. …

In 2020, it is hard to talk about race in the United States. Being on the “right” side of history is difficult due to the borage of facts and figures that are constantly hurled at you. Americans want to talk about race in this country, but it tends to be a subject that people avoid. This is because there’s too much to know. There are too many facts and too many figures. There are too many stories to hear in order to have the most up-to-date opinion.

So instead of the traditional shit-flinging, let’s do a little celebrating of someone…

Well short answers: yes, and yes.

Should we panic? Not yet.

But you might be thinking, come on, this is the United States of America, tyranny, really?

Fascism, are you kidding me?

I understand how it may seem far fetched that I’m suggesting that an American president in 2020 would want to dismantle our democracy and turn it into a fascist regime.

But consider this:

  • Citizens are confused by the political process, therefore are apathetic.
  • The education system we all grew up with is a failure so the People don’t understand the importance of our role in the political process.

Originally published at on March 26, 2018

So I stopped going to church around October of last year (2017). I had a few reasons. This is me finally writing them down. The reason I’m writing them down and posting for all the world to see is because I know that I’m not the only one in this boat.

At first, this is going to sound very bitter and like I’m trying to tear something down. But I implore you read to the end. …

Alex Horne

Thinker. Writer. Naturalist.

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